Good writing is built on the pillars of accuracy, consistency, and sound content. A good editor can help get you there.

. . . and more

I'm happy to edit all sorts of writing, including including business letters, personal letters, speeches, and more. Please feel free to contact me regarding your project.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Manuscripts

I love a good story and can help you get your fiction, creative non-fiction, or non-fiction manuscript ready for publication. From content editing to line editing, I can help make your final product the best it can be. If aren't sure what kind of editing best suits your needs, please feel free to talk to me.

Academic Editing

I'm an experienced academic editor, specializing in the humanities and social sciences. I can help with content, structure, and formatting, as well as with basic line editing for flow and grammatical accuracy.

Web Content and Blogs

How you communicate says a lot about your business, and fair or not, typos and other writing errors on your website can negatively affect your credibility. If you prefer to write you own content but want to ensure that your final product is word perfect, hiring an editor is the right way to go.

Why Hire an Editor?

A Second Set of Eyes

Every writer will tell you how important it is to have an editor, because every writer runs the risk of reading over small errors. If you know what the text should say, you’ll often see it that way, glossing over typos or omitted words. A second set of eyes can help you catch these small errors, and I love getting down to the nitty-gritty to make sure the written word is smooth, correct, and cohesive.

Get the Word(s) Out

If you have trouble with wordiness, you’re not alone. Writing tightly for improved flow and feel can be difficult.  Even good writers can be wordy writers. I can help trim the excess to make your writing clean and tight. You may be surprised by how much writing improves after removing excess wording.

Clear, Engaging, Accurate Prose

I can help you see where you're writing works and where it doesn't. In those places that need improvement, I can give you detailed feedback on how to take it from rough to polished, or I can do it for you. 


Your work and your voice matter to me, and I approach every project with the individual in mind so that the final product will speak of you, not of me, while ensuring engaging, clear, and accurate prose. If coaching is what you need, I can do that too, whether you need help getting your ideas down on paper or if you just aren’t sure you’re getting your ideas across.  

Find Your Style

There are more style guides out there than you can shake a stick at, and I’m happy to follow the guide of your choice. This goes for dictionaries as well. If you don’t know what guide you need, I’ll be happy to make a recommendation based on your project and goals.

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